The first service we offer at Easylinks learning center is our professional assessment. This in turn informs the rest of our services.



We maintain a bank of highly qualified teachers with experience from Top schools in Nigeria like Atlantic Hall, British International School, Lagos Preparatory & Secondary School etc, to boost your child’s learning at home.

These teachers have undergone background checks and have a proven track record in helping students attain their academic and/or social goals.

Easylinks provides parents with regular reports constantly tracking and measuring student progress against set goals.



Home schooling is a very positive experience for many parents and children and one we wish to encourage. We know of many families that will love to explore this option but do not know how to go about it.
At Easylinks, we provide all the information you need to implement a successful home schooling programme for your children. We assess the children and provide parents with the curriculum for the academic year. At the end of the year, we reassess in line with industry standards to check that learning has taken place. We can then provide a report that can be submitted to future schools when reintegrating the student into main stream education.



We specialise is preparing students for Entrance Exams, IGCSE, IB, A-Levels, IELTS and SATs examinations. We have Cambridge examiners on our team and are thus, very familiar with the exam requirements. As is our custom, we first assess the students knowledge base and then put in place an individualised learning plan to help them cover the curriculum in time for the exams. We provide mock examinations under exam conditions to adequately prepare them for the exams. 



Our diagnostic tests help us identify specific educational needs a student might have. We also work with educational psychologists to observe the student and recommend strategies to help them achieve their milestone. 

Our special needs teachers are able to implement these strategies and work with the students at home or in school.